New Feature Launch Arrow

🏹 You can now use the bullseye icon on each member's tooltip to launch things at them. You can also find the icon on their profile page. Some of the things you can toss their way include (subject to change based on mood &/or holiday):
  • a cookie
  • a heart
  • dagger
  • a kiss
  • & more!
Currently, you have a 95% chance of hitting your target. If you miss it, it will be sent to a random person!
This is for testing and will likely change to 100% in the future. You can also launch your "arrow" anonymously or add a note. The item launched will only be viewable in notifications. And it won't show you sent one from your end (I don't think). 🤔

✨ Try it out!
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I feel like I should remove the word arrow. Getting hit with a 🍪 arrow is weird. 😂
Not for cookie monster
Cookie Monster GIF
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