Announcement Admin Todo List

I will keep a running list of things planned or working on — from big to little. Feel free to comment ideas or whatnot.

  • Custom emojis
  • Fix new alert color on dark mode.
  • Fix new profile post box colors.
    • Possibly just fix the wysiwyg box everywhere.
  • Remove latest item on sidebar widget
  • New forums
  • Create/edit forum descriptions
  • Organize forum order
  • Install blogging option
  • Add more badges
    • Check sizes to make sure they are all similar
    • Fix post milestone icon (new one)
    • Badge ideas?
  • Add referral option
  • Start a referral contest
  • Check reported issues on wysiwyg
    • Bouncing page and cursor
  • (Maybe) Add avatars to choose
    • Possibly vanillicons?
  • Create private forums
  • Create new thread prefix options
    • Add to appro forum
  • Change virtual money name? :cautious:
  • Who can view edit history? Check.
  • A couple new post reactions (yes threads are threads, post are comments -- slightly different from FB, etc. :rolleyes: )
  • More dark styles (? Rainbow, Blue, True Black, Green, Teal, Contrast)

  • HR color on dark mode.
  • Darken font colors slightly on dark mode.
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