★ Mafia Game Roles

⭐All roles will be listed here. These are basic descriptions; the game moderator will give you more details about each role.
Game moderators can choose from these roles when they set up their game.
Please bear with me as I define and add all the roles. I'll update this post as needed.

The alien will abduct one player at night, preventing them from using any powers they may have and from participating in the next day phase. (innocent townie)

Angry Old Man
Will chase nighttime visitors off his lawn, preventing them from using their abilities. He does not prevent doc and cop actions.

Chooses one person during the night phase; that person is sent a cake, and their nighttime role powers are blocked while eating. The cake is poisoned, and the chosen player dies one night later. The baker knows mafia members. The game mod chooses X-shot if necessary. (guilty townie) -- created by @peachyartist

The bodyguard can choose one person during the night to protect the following day phase. If the townies vote that person off, they will be protected, and the next person with the most votes will be killed. (innocent townie)

In each night phase, the cop will select one person they think is Mafia. The moderator will say GUILTY (Mafia) or NOT GUILTY (not Mafia). The cop may choose to share this information during the day phase. Please remember, during the day phase, people may lie about their roles. You can say you are the cop; you may say you are the doctor...it is up to the townspeople to believe or not. So you may not be trusted.

The cop may not talk to anyone but the moderator via MESSAGE during the night phase. The cop wins when all the Mafia are dead. (innocent townie)

Crooked Cop
Crooked Cop will investigate for mafia. The info will not be given to the cop. The exact role will be passed on to mafia. may have no discussions with the mafia since the mafia does not know who he is. (guilty townie)

In each night phase, the doctor will select one person to "heal." If the mafia selects this person, they will not die. The doctor may not save themself.

The framer visits one person during the night phase; that person will appear guilty to cops and as a guilty mafia goon to the investigator. They do not know who the mafia is. They make Godfather appear guilty. (guilty townie)

Free Masons
2 townies that know each other's role and can work together. (innocent townie)

The Godfather appears as an innocent townie when investigated, will make a kill each night with the mafia (guilty mafia)

The hunter is on the side of the townies and will allow the townies to win (if they are still alive) in case of a tie. (innocent townie)

✪ Judas
Judas is innocent until killed during a night phase. If Judas is killed during the night, he will become a traitor (becoming Mafia).

The lovers may or may not be the same alignment. These players are linked to each other. If one dies, the other will die as well. Lovers cannot talk to each other during the night phase. (can be innocent or guilty)

There will be 2-3 people in the mafia. During the night phase, mafia will talk with other mafia members. During the night phase, the mafia will get together and agree on one person they want to kill off. Each member of the mafia must MESSAGE their selection to the game moderator. The mafia may not talk about the game to any other members (except other mafia -- and only via MESSAGES). When the number of Mafia = the number of Townspeople (or innocent players), the game ends, and the Mafia wins. (guilty mafia)

✪ Miller
An innocent townie that will come up as guilty when investigated. (innocent townie

✪ Naive cop
This player will investigate another player each night. the results will always be innocent regardless of the player's affiliation. does not know he's naive. (innocent townie)

✪ Paranoid Cop
This player will investigate another player each night. the results will always be guilty regardless of the player's affiliation. does not know he's paranoid. (innocent townie)

✪ Paranoid Gun Owner
Will accidentally kill anyone who tries to target them at night. includes doc, cop, mafia, etc. -- will not be played with the serial killer. (innocent townie)

✪ Princess/Prince
They are an innocent townie that will hide behind another player each night phase. If they are chosen for death, the person they hide behind will get killed instead. (innocent townie)

✪ Psychic
They will receive a "vision" (the name of one member of the mafia) on the first night phase. (innocent townie)

✪ Quack Doc
They do not know they aren't the real doc. They think they are healing players. (innocent townie)

✪ Serial Killer
They kill one person each night (unless doc saves). Only wins the game if he is the last one standing. They can only be killed by vigilantes. They cannot be killed by the mafia or fate switches. Does not win with the mafia OR townies. (guilty townie)*

✪ Stalker
Every other night the stalker will choose one person to stalk. The game moderator will reveal any actions that the player has taken that night. (innocent townie) -- role created by @peachyartist

✪ Suicide Bomber
When they are killed during the day (by townies) they also take out the person that voted last. (innocent townie)

Each night, the swinger will swing the fate of two players. (innocent townie)

The Flirt
The Flirt is an innocent townie that will keep one player occupied during the night phase so they cannot complete their night job. (innocent townie)

✪ Thief
The thief will pick one night phase to steal a role. He will then switch places with the person whose role he is stealing. If he steals the role of a mafia player, he becomes mafia. (may end up being guilty or innocent)

✪ Townspeople (Townie)
are not allowed to talk to anyone (about the game) outside of the day phase thread. The Townies win when all the Mafia are dead. (innocent townie)

They know from the beginning one member of mafia, but not the GF. (innocent townie)

They may kill at night twice (up to them when). Trying to kill the mafia or serial killer. (innocent townie)

The zombies are an anti-town/anti-mafia cult. The zombie leader bites one townie each night. If that townie is VANILLA, they will also become a zombie (still with no abilities). If the player has a power role, that role will be blocked for that night. If the zombie leader tries to bite a member of the mafia, he will commit suicide, and zombies will no longer have kills. Zombies win when most of the townies left have been bitten and turned. (guilty)

*- The serial killer wins when only one townie is left, going into a night phase.
- Mafia/godfather/crooked cop wins the game when the number of mafia/godfather = the number of townies including the serial killer
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