Mafia Game Rules

These rules can be confusing because there's a lot to learn. The best way to understand is to just jump into a game and play. The game moderator will guide you through what to do.



There are two phases to the game: night and day. The day phase takes place in a new thread every day.

During the day phase (a new thread), everyone (all game players) votes to kill off another player.

Townies will be hoping to kill off a member of the Mafia.
The Mafia will be hoping to kill off a Townie and to confuse Townies so that they kill off one of their own, the Doctor, or even the Cop.
The Doctor will be hoping to kill off a member of the Mafia.
The Cop may or may not know who one of the Mafia is (depending on whether he got to investigate in the night phase). If he knows, he may FOS (finger of suspicion) one of the Mafia, or he may tell everyone he is a cop and say he knows for sure. (If you do this, please know that Mafia will probably kill you during the night phase! AND the Townies may not even believe you.) If he doesn't know, he will guess just like everyone else.

🚨 Please remember that ALL PLAYERS may say their role during the day phase. Also, remember that Mafia may lie about their role. They may say they are the Doctor, the Cop, or even a townie. This will confuse you. FUN!

To kill off someone, you will place a vote on your post. EX: VOTE: RO

This will tell me you think Ro is Mafia and will place your vote. If you aren't sure but think someone may be Mafia, you may say FOS: RO. This points a finger at Ro but doesn't place a vote.

If you change your mind during the day phase, you may unvote. EX: UNVOTE: ROVOTE: KEILA (Same thing with FOS). This will change your vote from Ro to Keila.

A tally will be kept, and once the majority votes for one player, they will be killed off.

The majority is 50% +1. (if no majority can be reached, the game moderator will HALF the number of votes needed for a kill.)
Once the player is killed, NO ONE else may post. The game moderator will reveal that person's role.

During the night phase (this occurs after the day phase killing), the Mafia, the Doctor, and the Cop will be sending messages to the game leader. (you will have 12 hours! If you don't get your vote in you miss out)

Mafia should get with other Mafia members and decide on ONE player to get rid of.
The Doctor will be deciding on ONE player to save/heal. The Doctor may not choose himself.
The Cop will try to guess who the Mafia is, and the game leader will say guilty or not guilty.

When the number of Mafia = the number of Townspeople, the game ends, and the Mafia wins.

  • Do not talk to other players (about the game) unless you are a Mafia member. Mafia members are only allowed to talk to other Mafia members.
  • To be killed, you only need most of the player's votes. Once a player has reached a majority, UNVOTES are not allowed. The moderator will post who has been killed, and NO ONE else may post.
  • Please don't delete any previously posted posts. You may change your vote by UNVOTE: PERSON'S NAME and then vote for someone else.
  • If you don't know who to vote for, you can always point an FOS, but please vote for something.
  • If you won't be on for a while, please let the game moderator know ASAP!!
  • If you are killed during the night phase (not a killing), you may NOT reveal your role.
  • Townies have 12 hours to kill off someone.
  • All players may say their role in the game. However, they may not be telling the truth.
  • If no majority can be reached, I will HALF the votes needed for a kill.
  • Ghost players cannot talk!
  • The game moderator may change some of the rules or roles for their game. Pay attention to the game you signed up for for any new or extra info.
  • Subscribe to each day phase thread to know when there are new posts. Viewing the thread once is not enough because new information will become available throughout the day phase, and you may want to switch your vote. No one should be inactive in the day phase.


What is the dream?
Each game starts with the game moderator as the first victim. The moderator will give you clues or a dream to help you get started.

Can I take screenshots of the messages the game moderator sent me?
No! There wouldn't be much of a game if everyone screenshotted the messages.

Can I delete my posts?
Please don't delete posts. It gets confusing. If you'd like to unvote, please just say so in your post.

What is a modkill?
A modkill is when a moderator kills you in the game for violating rules.

What is a ghost player?
A ghost player is a player that was killed in game and is no longer allowed to talk about the game in or out of the threads. They also cannot react to posts.

Please, please ask if you have questions.
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